Window Stripper

The Ilsintech window stripper is a high precision tool for stripping the middle of optical fiber. With auto motor and LM guide bearing, it has been realized a high quality and productivity without cracks on fibers. (Occurrence ratio of crack : 0%, High tensile power of fiber)

  • No Fiber Crack & Keep High Tensile Strength
    • High Tensile Strength > 4kg/f
    • Elimination of fiber crack or degradation.
  • Chemical Strip Draw-backs Resolved (Drawback of chemical strip as below) 
    • Difficult control of strip lengths
    • Chemical residues on tripped fiber end
    • Rugged shapes on strip ends.
  Stripped Length    2 ~120mm       |        2 ~ 60mm   
  Applicable cable diameter   250µm
  Fiber Coating Material  UV Coated Fiber
  Stripping time   20mm/ sec
  Power    DC 12V
  Dimension   190x64x76mm
  Weight   800g

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