The Swift Test product line from UCL Swift consists of six Fiber Optic Test Equipment Kits, designed to accommodate both your budget and network testing requirements for data center, enterprise and LAN applications. Our handheld test kits can provide expedited testing for your physical layer connectivity infrastructures with accuracy and ease.
  • Available in 6 different configurations: TEK-1 Premium MM & SM, TEK-1 Advanced MM & SM, TEK-3 Basic MM, TEK-4 Basic SM, TEK-5 Advanced MM, TEK-6 Advanced SM
  • Ideal for testing requirements for data center, enterprise and LAN applications
  • Includes SWIFT-TRACK that stores up to 4,000 readings and can be downloaded for documentation reports generated in various formats
  • SWIFT-TRACK library also includes various templates that are available online and custom templates are easily configurated
*This kit description is for the TEK-1 ONLY. For kit descriptions of TEK-2 – TEK-6, please see the Brochure link above.

      Bag, 9x8x3 Zippered                    
  1     Swabs, package of 25
  1    AquaKleen Cleaner, 2 fl oz bottle
  1    FiberKleen Wipes, pk of 50 wipes
     Instruction Sheet
     Zipper Pull

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