Optical Termination Panel

The Ilsintech Optical Termination Panel allows termination, splicing, storage and management of optical fibers.  This helps to contain and employ a fiber management system such that all fibers are properly routed and secured. All points in the fiber path maintain a minimum bending radius of 30 mm. The box is sturdy and impact-resistant against damage during placing or installation operations.

 The Optical Termination Panel is a pole mountable termination box for indoor and outdoor use. It is designed for use in residential and for fast deployment and providing the easy connectivity to the subscribers. The box houses the fiber splices and stores buffer tube or ribbon fiber, and accommodates 1×4, 1×8, 1×16 PLC splitter and 4 to16 drop cables.

– 3 ports for distribution cable and 8 ports for drop cable
– 1×4 ~ 1×16 PLC splitter (2×4 ~ 2×16) can be installed inside
– Wall/Pole mountable box for indoor and outdoor use
– UV proof, Water proof, Anti-aging
– Compact in design, light weight


  • Straight, branch and mid-span joint available
  • Accommodation for splice, splitter and connector


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