OM5 LC Splice-On Connector

OM5 LC Fusion Splice-On Connector

  • The OM5 LC Splice-On Connector is designed to work over a wide range of wavelengths between 850 nm and 950 nm but specifically at wavelengths 850nm, 880 nm, 910 nm, and 940 nm
  • Supports SWDM (shortwave wavelength division multiplexing) technology which can reduce fiber counts in optical transmission
  • Supports all legacy applications including existing data center infrastructures and allows for future-generation applications to support a high speed data center
  • Can extend patch cord link reach to 150m with the same types of fiber optic transceivers, providing another choice for data center optimization
  • Factory installed fiber stubs using high quality fiber provide verified performance
  • Factory polished and inspected ferrule end faces ensure optimum fiber optic connectivity and easy termination
  • Enhanced high tensile strength for improved field terminations
  • FOCIS compliant connector interfaces
  • Internal testing to verify performance and compliance with Telecordia GR-326 and EIA-568
  • Ideal for use in high density medium and long-range optical transmission circuits for FTTH, LAN, CATV, data center and passive optical LAN
  • Swift 25-year warranty available
Tensile >60 newtons >60 newtons >60 newtons
Return Loss >50dB >65dB >30dB
Insertion Loss Average <.20dB (max < .30dB) Average <.20dB (max < .30dB) Average <.20dB (max < .30dB)


LC Splice On Connector


LC-OM5-UPC-09/SA Multimode, OM5, UPC, 900 micron

*Above part number is for a simplex connector. For a duplex connector, substitute the first “S” with “D” in the part number.

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