Hardened Fusion Splice On Connector

Fully Compatible OptiTap™ Style Hardened Solution

Benefits & Features

  • Significant savings by eliminating wasted cable slack and costly pre-terminated cables
  • Fusion splice solution provides the highest quality standards-base field installable connector for hardened optical applications
  • Field installable hardened solution is ideal for both new installations and emergency repairs
  • Eliminates inventoried products in warehouses and on tech vehicles, reducing SKU’s and improving cash flow
  • Eliminates slack storage boxes, reduces slack storage challenges, and provides neatly organized cables on the pole that use only the cable you need.
  • 5 applicable cables: 5.8 mm drop cable, 5.0 mm crop cable, 5.4 x 3.0 mm ROC drop cable, 8.1 x 4.5 mm SST drop cable


Hardened Fusion Splice On Connector Brochure

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Parameter Typical ≤0.15dB
Insertion Loss Maximum ≤0.3dB
Return Loss Minimum >60dB (APC)
Thermal age testing 85°C, 7 days 
 Thermal cycle test -40°C to +75°C, 7 days
Humidity aging test 75°C, 95% RH, 7 days, measurements every 6 hrs min.
Humidity/Condensation cycling test -10°C to +65°C. 90% ~ 100% RH, 7 days
Dry-out step 24 hrs @ 75°C, uncontrolled humidity
Post-condensation thermal cycle test -40°C to +75°C, 7 days
Vibration test 10 ~ 55 Hz, 45 Hz/min, 2 hours @ amplitude of 1.5mm X/Y/Z axis
Water resistance No water intrusion after 7 days, 10 ft water head
Flex test 8 flex cycles @ ±90°C, 4.5 kgf (-10 lbf) load, -30°C and 40°C
Flex test 10 torsion cycles @±90°C, -30°C and 40°C, twist 1 meter back
Proof test Plug/cap straight pull (0°), 20 kgf (44 lbf), 10 minutes
Plug/adapter straight pull (0°), 11.3 kgf (25 lbf), 60 seconds
Plug adapter side pull (90°), 6.8 kgf (15 lbf), 60 seconds 
Transmission with applied tensile load 0°C,  90°C, 135°C respectively, 4.5 kgf, 30 minutes 
Impact 5m drop 3 axes on rigid flat surface 
Durability 50 matings
Seal under load 7 days @ 23°C, 10 ft water head, 2.5 lb ~ 90°, no damage 
DESCRIPTION    PART NUMBER                    
SC/APC hardened splice on connector kit HDC-SM-SC/APC-CG*

*Requires KF4A-HDC Kit and associated accessories

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