Auto Stripper

Auto Stripper is designed to strip various type of fiber optic cables using its heater which adjusts heating time and temperature. It always gives customers stable operation, high quality of stripping and productivity with its auto motor and LM guide bearing.
(Occurrence of ratio of cracks on fiber : 0%, High tension strength)

  • High Quality
    • No cracks on blade surface with optimal design
  • High Productivity
    • Stabilized stripping with automatic motor
    • Consistent quality of cleaving.
  • More Convenience
    • Applicable for both single and ribbon fiber
    • Customized setting with 5 steps adjustable heating time and temperature.
  Applicable   250  ~  900  um                                            
  Fiber Counts   Single to 12ct
  Stripped Length   30mm
  Heating Temp   60 degredds C ~140 C
  Temp. Setting Step   9 Steps
  Heating Time   2 ~ 7sec
  Time Setting Step   5 steps
  Power   DC 12V
  Dimension   154x646x76mm
  Weight   750g

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