Complementary technology of Pre-terminated #FTTH cabling systems

The main obstacle to the adoption of pre-terminated cabling systems for FTTH is the need to store the optical cable’s over-length somewhere along the path. In an ideal world, the contractor should make a site survey before building the network between the Distribution cabinet and the Subscriber’s outlet. However, there are few cases where such a visit is possible because it is time consuming, in an environment where “Time is Money” as never before. In addition, most of the contractors on the French market are working in a just-in-time process, getting their work orders the evening before at 17:00 for the next morning 8:00. Before the BIM Building Information Modeling goes mainstream and allows the site survey to be done directly from the office, we must cope with choosing standard cable lengths, and store the over-length slacks wherever possible.

This solution, yet simple and proven everywhere else in the world, repels some operators and their contractors here in France.

This is where the Fusion Splice-On-Connector FSOC technology comes into play. Launched a few years ago in the United States and Asia, this technology consists of mounting a connector directly on the fiber at the end of the optical cable, instead of using a pigtail. That is an old concept brought up to date : In the early days of Optical Communications, the pigtail did not exist : We mounted the connectors on site, with bonding/polishing techniques that are familiar to veterans (including your servant). Techniques that have become too cumbersome to manage over the years, as Fusion Splicing became common and the industry migrated to the pigtails …

Nevertheless, all good times come to an end. The FTTH, with its huge volumes and huge financial pressure, has pushed the concept of pigtailing to the limit of its possibilities. Not all contractors have the technical skills required to splice and store the fibers properly in the cassettes.

Frequent reading of the french forum @lafibreinfo often gives cold sweats to the supporters of Zero Default (which I am). Recently, a call for help was posted on the forum, by a technician currently working on real installations for a big telco : “When I am storing the fiber slacks, I mix pigtails and fibers, I am looking for a method to succeed.”

Here is the advantage of FSOC : Get rid of pigtails, today sources of network outages because of careless technicians doing improper job with fiber storage…

The removal of pigtails reduces the volume of the different containers, boxes and patch panels, which are often … full of emptiness hence unnecessarily bulky, in an environment where space is a constrained resource.

The FSOC technology perfectly fits with pre-terminated cabling systems. Coupled with Belden-PPC’s Miniflex Quick-Push cables, it offers the answer to the two usual questions asked by operators and their contractors : How to manage custom lengths, and how to finish multi-fiber cables (that is, cables with more than 2 fibers) ). South Korean company Ilsintech offers MPO FSOC connectors, to terminate 12 fibers at once. Connect this multi-fiber connector to the pre-wired junction box, boom, job done !

For single-fiber terminations, Ilsintech offers SC FSOC connectors (SC is the standard for FTTH in France), for 900μm fibers.

An FTTH cabling system combining pre-terminated optical cables, pre-wired junction and split boxes, pre-terminated patch-panels, and single or multi-fiber FSOC connectors fulfils all the needs of the French market : flexibility, ease of use, and speed of installation.

In this period of hot discussions on the completion of the French National Broadband Plan, with one hand the willingness of the President Macron to shorten the timetable, and on the other hand the fierce battle between private operators and public networks operators, the only solution for everyone to fulfill their respective commitments is to go Pre-terminated…

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