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Since 1982, founded as a high precision tools manufacturer based on the management motto, “Challenge and Innovation”, ILSINTECH leads and pioneers the processing equipments of optical fiber, other tools and accessories. Launching the first optical fiber termination products in 1999 in order to meet the customer’s needs for highly efficient and reliable quality products, ILSINTECH has been developing and introducing various products for processing optical fibers such as strippers, cleavers, multi pack, core alignment splicers, clad alignment splicers integrated with thermal auto stripper and cleaver, Splice-On Connector(SOC) and many other related accessories.

Keyman S1, the core alignment optical fiber fusion splicer, was launched successfully in 2007 and its sales skyrocketed in the world market with the highest competitiveness in its reliability, efficiency and price. ILSINTECH is a leading supplier of 8 degree angled cut cleaver for optical fibers in the world. This 8 degree angled cut cleaver has been popularized, all over the world with its excellent performance. In 2010, Swift F1, a state-of-the-art FTTH mini Fusion Splicer (thermal auto stripper, single action cleaver, air-pump cleaner, clad alignment splicer and sleeve oven are integrated into one small unit), together with simple and easy-to-assemble low-cost Fusion Splice-On Connectors(FSOC), had been launched. Swift F1 splicer and its Splice-On Connector(SOC) provides users the most EFFICIENT and ECONOMIC SOLUTION in spreading high-speed FTTH networks.

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Mission Statement
ILSINTECH, highly appreciated for the fastest customer service by worldwide customers, makes every possible effort to serve its valued customers with leading-edge technology products and as a total solution provider in optical fiber industry in the world.

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Ilsintech’s history of innovation in fiber optic fusion splicers has created a legacy of engineered solutions ideal for high performance connections, simplified installations, and guaranteed bandwidth.

  • March 6th


  • August 21st

    Established affiliated Research Institute (Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology)

  • May 29th

    ISO 9001 awarded

  • June 11th

    Qualified for New technology of NeP (Automatic Fiber Cleaver)

  • August 4th

    Certified as the Innovative Business Company (INNO-BIZ)

  • Winter

    Appointment of Venture Design Products by Small & Medium Business Administration Designated as a class 1 high-precision factory by Korea Testing Laboratory

  • 2006

    Qualified NeP (by Ministry of Industry Resource) : Cleaver for Optical Fiber Communication Rewarded as the 1st class world product by Ministry of Industry Resources Relocation of plant to Daedeok Valley with new name of ILSINTECH

  • September 10th

    Developed the first Core to Core Splicer and Qualified NeP (Keyman S1)

  • April 13th

    Premiere award (2010 International Optic Expo

  • April 19th

    Appointment of Prospective medium & small enterprise by Department of Daejeon City

  • December 20th

    Appointment of World class company by Small & Medium Business Corporation

  • 2011

    Achievement of USD 10million export

  • 2012

    Designated as the 1st world class product by Ministry of Knowledge Economy (Splicer)

  • 2013

    2nd Factory established

America Ilsintech is proud to be ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Our facilities strive to always meet or exceed the current level of international standard. Learn about all our certifications and current patents we hold.

Global Networking

Ilsintech’s global presence ensures that no matter where you are in the world we can provide best-in-class fusion splicers.  From our headquarters in South Korea to facilities across Europe and the Americas, Ilsintech provides fiber optic solutions that deliver  technical innovation in the field of fiber optic communication ideal for FTTx Solution and fusion splice on connectors.  Discover the difference with Ilsintech solutions! Search our Global Network to find the office nearest you.

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